The existence of Yogyakarta City can not be separated from the establishment of Yogyakarta Sultanate Palace on February 13, 1755 to coincide with the implementation of the Agreement that marked the division Giyanti Islamic Mataram kingdom became Sultanate of Surakarta and Yogyakarta Sultanate. Based on studies that have been conducted, although Yogyakarta Sultanate de jure has existed since 1755, but the presence of Yogyakarta as the capital city of Yogyakarta Sultanate new on October 7, 1756 steps (based on Dragon sengkalan Memet Dwi Tunggal Pain). This is a sign began as a sultan's palace occupies the center of Sultan HB I, where he previously reigned from Ambarketawang Guesthouse at Sultan's Palace was built. Yogyakarta City Government has published a book about the city of Yogyakarta Day So that explains everything about the early existence as the capital city of Yogyakarta Sultanate of Yogyakarta.

Cepuri hotel is a hotel located in the area south of Yogyakarta and operated since 1993, precisely the area is an area prawirotaman.Prawirotaman middle class hotel is not far from downtown Yogyakarta. From the center of town (Malioboro) can be taken within 15 minutes taxi ride.
if you and your family stay at Cepuri hotel you will get services such as staying at home alone, there are employees who are very friendly to guests who stay. Beside that you will get various information about tourism objects of interest in Jogjakarta in detail and accurately. In cepuri hotel also provides transportation that are available to take you to the major tourist attractions in Jogjakarta.

If you want a leisurely tour jogja you can ride tricycles traditional transport, which are available to take you.If you take foreign money and want to exchange your dollars can be exchanged at the Cepuri hotel with a very competitive rate.


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